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Man Up for a Million

Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Tournament

Millionaire Fight Club looks to bring the excitement back to mixed martial arts with an all-new televised fighting tournament. We give our fighters a shot at taking home a million dollars each season, along with national exposure and the chance to get a contract. Millionaire Fight Club was founded to help take care of fighters and to assist up-and-coming fighters in making the money they need to establish themselves in the MMA scene.

Think you have what it takes to stand in our ring? Put your fighting skills to the test with Millionaire Fight Club.

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About Us

The founder of Millionaire Fight Club has been a mixed martial arts fan for years and has connections with many people in the industry. Recently, it has been noted that MMA events are on the decline, which is hurting everyone in the industry — but it's hitting MMA fighters the hardest, especially the lesser known ones. Driven to bring the excitement and appeal back to MMA fights, Millionaire Fight Club offers a new fighting tournament that gives relatively unknown fighters a chance to step into the ring, make money, build a fan base, and show off their fighting skills. Millionaire Fight Club is proud to share this rare opportunity with those who are up to the challenge. For the right fighter, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become an elite fighter and earn some money in the process.

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