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On December 15, 1997 Vincent Kennedy McMahon, chairman of the World Wrestling Federation, made an announcement called "Cure For The Common Show." During this time the WWF was losing their long held position as the number one professional wrestling promotion in America. World Championship Wrestling on Superstation WTBS had begun to defeat WWF in the ratings. This was unprecedented and drastic action was needed.

The "Cure For the Common Show" speech would launch The Attitude Era! A heightened focus would be put on characters and storylines. Entertainment would become the focus of this renewed Sports Entertainment franchise. Elements of comedy, drama, thrillers, music and reality tv would be infused with wrestling to a far greater degree. No longer would you see cookie cutter "good guys" and "bad guys", instead character development would become far more complex and geared towards a more adult audience.

The Attitude Era in the WWF lead to a far broader audience and unprecedented ratings growth. To put this in perspective during the height of the Attitude Era, when WWF was competing directly with WCW on Monday nights, WWF Monday Night RAW ratings exceeded 10 million homes. WCW's Nitro ratings. on at the same night and time, exceeded 9 million homes. Last week WWE Monday night RAW's ratings failed to reach 2.5 million homes!

It is clear that mainstream professional wrestling has lost the overwhelming majority of it's viewership. Gone are the days when you see folks at the mall and at ballgames wearing NWO and Stone Cold Steve Austin Tshirts. Pro wrestling is no longer mainstream. It has become a niche product with fans critiquing it instead of enjoying it. Legends and Vixens is a pay per view that will bring professional wrestling back to the days when it was fun. The elements that made The Attitude Era so great will return. Legends and Vixens will not concern itself with being politically correct and will instead focus exclusively on being Entertaining.